SCOS Kickboxing

Switzerland’s Best Amateur League In Kickboxing, Oriental Boxing and Muay Thai!

Welcome to our website

SCOS (Swiss Combat System) is an organisation that provides a platform for amateur martial artists.

Measure your skills in competition with like-minded people. Collect points throughout the year and fight for the SCOS title at the end of the year.
All martial artists and budo friends are cordially invited.
Visit our events or register with us with your schools / clubs and associations and get involved.

We are happy about every fighter or visitor.

SCOS Final 2022


The first WMAC for our SCOS national team was very good. With 3 world champions and 3 silver medals we are very satisfied with 9 participants. In 2024 we will perform even bigger.

The first Swiss Cup is history. Many things can be done better and still for us and also for the fighters a valuable experience. We thank you for being there.

Next year this Cup will be in the middle of June. If organizers are interested, please contact us.

Link to registration:

Important information!

The first 4 qualifications are over, the annual ranking is now online. Important for all participants is that the weight class can only be changed until the 5th qualification. Those who then do not have the weight (for which they registered) on the day of the competition and fight in the weight class that does not fit will be penalised with an additional minus of 5 points. Therefore it is very important to have the right weight in the last qualification.

Hello Together

We are in the middle of the 2022 season and it’s nice to see you all regularly again.
This year with K-1, Oriental Boxing and Muay Thai we have 3 fighting styles and with a participation of at least 6 participants per weight class we will award an amateur Swiss Champion title.
The demand of our offer is constantly growing despite parallel offers or championships.
Further big steps will be presented soon.
Be excited and help us to become a big community which will bring us internationally to a much higher level than before.

Qualification Rankings 2024